SEPAHAN POUYESH ARYA Co. (Supplier of Foundry, Metallurgical Materials, Equipment and Machineries)

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With 20 years’ rich experience of imports/ exports and having international certification ISO 9001 : 2008 , SPAE Co. is established as symbol of quality and trust.Head office of SPAE Co. is located in Esfahan, which is called “Steel City” in Iran and a central hub for Iran’s steel and foundry industries.As an international trading firm, SPAE Co. mainly imports CPC (Calcined Petroleum Coke), GPC (Graphitized Petroleum Coke), Ferro Alloys, Ceramic Filters, Base Metals, Minerals,Equipment and Machinery etc…,. While it has a quality export of Iron Ore, Chrome Ore, Ferro Chrome (High Carbon) Ferro Molybdenum and other ones.SPAE Co. has developed extensive business related with foundry and steel-making industries locally & globally. At present, it is working with many creditable producers/consumers of foundry raw materials in Iran, China, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, India and Pakistan. And looking forward to new horizons of opportunities with hardworking management team who believe in professionalism.We pay our humble regards to all our consumers/ business partners, for their support and cooperation. Their time tested trust is most valuable, and a great pride for us.Our mission is to maintain our position at the forefront of the industry by delivering the right products in the right volumes on time. We will continue devoting our effort with all sincerity in manufacturing/ supplying high quality products.


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